We are HR generalists with diverse experience in all HR matters. 
Our clients leverage us on important issues from the employment life cycle to HR governance.


Legislation & Policy

We specialize in employment legislation and are well-versed in Employment Standards, Occupational Health and Safety and Human Rights legislation.


We review and develop HR policies and processes in compliance with the above provincial legislation while also meeting your business needs. We develop or improve just a one-off policy or an entire employee handbook.  Clearly established guidelines and rules will be developed for your business, designed to ensure consistency and limit your company’s liability.  Some examples of policy include: Workplace Harassment, Diversity, Time Off, Work Hours, Code of Business Conduct, Substance Abuse, Employment Equity, etc.



If you already have policies in place, we will:

  • review your current policies and practices, in addition to completing a review of your company's culture.

  • make recommendations as to what policy should be added, removed, or revised.


If we are starting from scratch, we will:

  • review your current practices, in addition to completing a review of your company's culture.

  • make recommendations as to what policies you require to suit your needs.​


In addition, we are able to facilitate policy training sessions to your staff.

Business Meeting


As a reliable external party, we conduct thorough and objective investigations to help employers make critical and often difficult decisions.  We protect our clients by ensuring they are meeting legal requirements associated with provincial legislation while supporting a healthy, equitable and respectful workplace.  We protect employees by ensuring fair, impartial and confidential investigations.  We carry out our investigations by minimizing workplace disruption.

Why Trust Us?  We are Chartered HR Professionals and certified in workplace investigations.  With over a decade worth of HR investigative experience, we are knowledgeable in employment laws and HR best practices and we have a solid understanding of organizational dynamics within the workplace.  We are an impartial third party, setting aside all risk for bias.  We provide comprehensive investigation reports to executive management, HR departments and/or the Board of Directors, depending on the needs of our client.


What Types of Investigations do we conduct? 

  • Sexual Harassment, including Workplace Harassment and Bullying

  • Workplace Violence

  • Policy Violations

  • Misconduct

Job Interview


Our clients receive great value in partnering with us for their recruitment needs, and here is why…

We typically charge a flat rate for recruiting ideal candidates and there are several reasons for this:

  • We don’t charge placement fees or recruiting fees as a percentage of salary. We refuse to work with head hunters and we believe their rates are excessive.  We value keeping costs down for our clients.

  • Our clients save thousands of dollars using Stick People Solutions for recruiting as opposed to a mainstream agency.  If our client chose to use a mainstream agency, they would be paying 20% to over 30% of the employee’s first year salary.  We think that is ludicrous.

  • We don’t pull stale candidates from a database and jam them into our client’s organizations to force a fit. Our candidates are “fresh" and either they are actively looking for work in response to our advertising or we will work with clients to determine what competitor organizations or geographical locations they want us to target.

We are unique in our recruiting pricing structure and it is mainly because of our desire to create a win-win situation where we can run a successful business while aligning our practice with our clients’ organizations. We are dedicated to the recruiting area of our business and we ensure that the quality of our work is unmatched.

Working Silhouettes

Termination Management

Sometimes our clients find themselves in difficult people situations and have to consider termination as a last resort.  There are many reasons for this outcome, including poor performance, misconduct/negligence, down-sizing or restructuring.  We help our clients to take the necessary steps before the final decision to terminate (with or without cause), and then subsequently when carrying out the task.  When severing an employment relationship there is a great risk for critical mistakes.  These missteps can lead to morale problems, business disruption and potential lawsuits.  This is where Stick People Solutions comes in...we offer our clients expert guidance and support them through the entire termination process and we pride ourselves on how we conduct this process.  We've done it many times and we are confident that we handle terminations well and ensure our clients are protected and employees are treated with dignity and respect. 


  • We review the circumstances that have led you to determine an employee termination is the next logical step.  

  • We review all possible concerns and issues, helping determine next steps to address your goals while also limiting your company’s risk.

  • We guide you through the development of liability limiting paperwork, such as performance management documentation and disciplinary documentation.

  • We develop the termination packet (or augment existing materials), including a termination letter, severance of benefits information, and release.

  • We create a logistics plan and assist to execute all tasks including the termination meeting.

We ensure that the termination process is meticulously choreographed to cover all necessary steps so that our clients can rest-assured.  Our team can also facilitate support from an employment lawyer to ensure all legal matters are reviewed when we feel there is an especially high-risk situation.


HR Audit

Are you certain you have sufficient HR policies and programs in place?  Are you compliant in terms of Employment Standards, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Human Rights Legislation? 


We will provide your firm with an expert review of your current HR practices with a focus on compliance and best practices for your region.  For the smaller business with limited in-house HR expertise, we’re there to identify gaps and recommend ways to fill them.  For the larger company with an HR team already in place, we will provide a second set of expert eyes to review current processes and offer ways to improve current practices while identifying areas for improvement.

Business Meeting


We develop training for our clients on HR best practices to help limit future liabilities and cost.  Examples of some programs we have facilitated are:

  • Interviewing for Managers – Teaching Managers the Dos and Don'ts of Interviewing

  • Workplace Harassment Awareness

  • Documenting Performance Issues / Progressive Discipline for Managers

  • Corporate HR Policy

  • Employee Orientations

We are happy to design and facilitate training for your organization within our people specialty areas.