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Since 2011 we have provided quality people solutions to our western Canadian clients.

Why Stick People?  We think that stick people represent equity...and equity represents fairness and impartiality.  Plus stick people are fun and flexible!   That's genuinely what we stand for.  We help our clients' build their people and organizations by taking complex issues and offering flexible, simple people solutions while promoting equity. We're not your typical dull human resources consulting firm.  That's what sets us apart.


​We help our clients to build and support their people and their people programs through a cost-effective and flexible approach. Our clients have unique businesses and cultures, but they have one thing in common - they understand that people are truly their most important assets.

We support companies to achieve a competitive advantage through an engaged and equitable workforce.  We protect our clients and their employees by ensuring legal compliance.  We help safeguard companies by promoting safety, wellness, fairness and equity.  We always deliver our services professionally, efficiently and with integrity. 

Our clients range from start-up businesses to mid-sized companies across all industry sectors.  Our clients are often businesses that don't have an established HR presence, or even if they do, we can provide them support during peak times, when they've exceeded capacity, or simply when they need some external professional guidance.


Stick People Solutions proudly offers a variety of custom services to our valued clients.


HR Audit

Expert Guidance


Protecting People and Business

Business Meeting
Job Interview


Grow your Business

Termination Management

Leverage our Expertise in Sensitive Areas

Working Silhouettes

Legislation and Policy

Manage Your Risk


Outsourcing Training to Our Professionals

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