Termination Management

Sometimes our clients find themselves in difficult people situations and have to consider termination as a last resort.  There are many reasons for this outcome, including poor performance, misconduct/negligence, down-sizing or restructuring.  We help our clients to take the necessary steps before the final decision to terminate (with or without cause), and then subsequently when carrying out the task.  When severing an employment relationship there is a great risk for critical mistakes.  These missteps can lead to morale problems, business disruption and potential lawsuits.  This is where Stick People Solutions comes in...we offer our clients expert guidance and support them through the entire termination process and we pride ourselves on how we conduct this process.  We've done it many times and we are confident that we handle terminations well and ensure our clients are protected and employees are treated with dignity and respect. 


  • We review the circumstances that have led you to determine an employee termination is the next logical step.  

  • We review all possible concerns and issues, helping determine next steps to address your goals while also limiting your company’s risk.

  • We guide you through the development of liability limiting paperwork, such as performance management documentation and disciplinary documentation.

  • We develop the termination packet (or augment existing materials), including a termination letter, severance of benefits information, and release.

  • We create a logistics plan and assist to execute all tasks including the termination meeting.

We ensure that the termination process is meticulously choreographed to cover all necessary steps so that our clients can rest-assured.  Our team can also facilitate support from an employment lawyer to ensure all legal matters are reviewed when we feel there is an especially high-risk situation.