Our clients receive great value in partnering with us for their recruitment needs, and here is why…

We typically charge a flat rate for recruiting ideal candidates and there are several reasons for this:

  • We don’t charge placement fees or recruiting fees as a percentage of salary. We refuse to work with head hunters and we believe their rates are excessive.  We value keeping costs down for our clients.

  • Our clients save thousands of dollars using Stick People Solutions for recruiting as opposed to a mainstream agency.  If our client chose to use a mainstream agency, they would be paying 20% to over 30% of the employee’s first year salary.  We think that is ludicrous.

  • We don’t pull stale candidates from a database and jam them into our client’s organizations to force a fit. Our candidates are “fresh" and either they are actively looking for work in response to our advertising or we will work with clients to determine what competitor organizations or geographical locations they want us to target.

We are unique in our recruiting pricing structure and it is mainly because of our desire to create a win-win situation where we can run a successful business while aligning our practice with our clients’ organizations. We are dedicated to the recruiting area of our business and we ensure that the quality of our work is unmatched.