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We’ve been around for 8 years, and in that time we’ve gathered enough experience to understand how many hours or days are typically needed to complete certain HR projects.  We will price our projects according to our experience with projects of a similar nature by providing a lump sum cost, or we provide a detailed time and cost estimate for our consulting services and invoice our clients on an hourly-rate basis. Contact us today for a cost estimate or to discuss one of the  following pre-packaged offerings:



For companies requiring ongoing people services, we offer a solution that is cost-effective, flexible, reliable and will provide your organization the peace of mind and confidence knowing your HR needs are managed by a highly qualified HR professional. 

For a fixed monthly fee, your business will receive ongoing human resources expertise.  Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, this package is designed to provide day-to-day HR support for those companies who want to sustain a positive workplace and remain compliant, without the six-figure price tag of having a full-time HR professional.  Unlimited phone calls, emails and general HR advisory are all included in this package. 

Our HR professionals become familiar with your business and its people needs, so you can focus on your bottom line.

For a fixed fee, we will provide your firm with an expert review of your current HR practices with a focus on compliance and best practices. 

For the smaller business with limited in-house HR expertise, we’re there to identify gaps and recommend ways to remedy them.  

For the larger company with an HR team already in place, we’re there to provide a second set of expert eyes to review current processes and offer ways to improve current practices while identifying areas for improvement.


Stick People Solutions is currently offering a comprehensive Cannabis Policy Package which includes all the policies necessary for your organization to protect itself and comply with existing and imminent legislation. 


Your organization will be well equipped with policies surrounding: Fit for Duty; Medical Cannabis and Prescription Medication; Duty to Accommodate; and Suspected Employee Impairment procedures.

At Stick People Solutions, we pride ourselves on our efficient and outstanding recruiting services and our long-standing clients will vouch for us.  The duration of our full-cycle recruiting typically takes 3 to 6 weeks.  We have a completely different approach to our recruiting fees...we do not charge success fees or 'percentage of salary' fees, which will typically cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Save up to 50% in your recruiting costs by purchasing a Recruiting 3, 5, or 10 - Pack!  This special offer will make perfect sense to your organization if you are planning to hire between 3 to 10 staff within the next year.  

Offer Conditions: This special offer will be extended to our clients until December 31, 2018 and must be used within one year of purchase.



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