As a reliable external party, we conduct thorough and objective investigations to help employers make critical and often difficult decisions.  We protect our clients by ensuring they are meeting legal requirements associated with provincial legislation while supporting a healthy, equitable and respectful workplace.  We protect employees by ensuring fair, impartial and confidential investigations.  We carry out our investigations by minimizing workplace disruption.

Why Trust Us?  We are Chartered HR Professionals trained in workplace investigations.  With over a decade worth of HR investigative experience, we are knowledgeable in employment laws and HR best practices and we have a solid understanding of organizational dynamics within the workplace.  We are an impartial third party, setting aside all risk for bias.  We provide comprehensive investigation reports to executive management, HR departments and/or the Board of Directors, depending on the needs of our client.

What Types of Investigations do we conduct? 

  • Sexual Harassment, including Workplace Harassment and Bullying

  • Workplace Violence

  • Policy Violations

  • Misconduct